Our Services

Services offered by Triple 777 Ranch include Equine Assisted Learning programs for Veterans and children in our area with problems to overcome including, but not limited to, trauma history, ineffective coping, and self-efficacy. 

We use the EAGALA model to help clients reach their goals. EAGALA uses four key standards in their approach:

  1. Team Approach - The client, Equine Specialist, horses, and licensed Mental Health Professional wok as a team
  2. Ground-Based - All sessions are conducted on the ground, no horseback riding is involved
  3. Solution Oriented - Allows the client to explore, problem solve, overcome challenges and discover. It is the belief of the EAGALA model that all clients have the best solutions for themselves when given the opportunity to discover them.
  4. Code of Ethics - EAGALA has a high standard of practice and code of ethics; utilizes an ethics committee which develops and oversees  protocols to ensure best practice and Highest level of care. (Click Here to see Code of Ethics)


***Coming soon: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy